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Advanced Type Mechanics

Scala’s type system is a fundamental bedrock upon which the entire language rests.

Advanced Type Mechanics is a comprehensive study into all aspects of the Scala Type System, treating it as a collection of tools to be utilized for solving common problems, with a focus on how each feature or quirk of the type system may be employed for practical benefit, particularly for API designers, helping us to create software which is correct and also intuitive.

Advanced Type Mechanics combines theory with practical and compelling examples, designed to start small and demonstrate composition into to larger examples.

Course material will remain available to view for 30 days after the training session.

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Course format

Material will be taught in a classroom environment up to a maximum of fifteen people, alternating between taught sessions of 15-20 minutes each, and self-study sessions of a similar length, with checked exercises to practise new ideas after each session.

Shorter, pre-recorded videos of the taught material will be available to watch (with headphones) and review during the self-study sessions, if additional review is necessary, and will remain available to attendees for 30 days after each session.

Jon Pretty

Jon has worked full-time as a Scala developer since 2004, and has been heavily involved in the Scala community for as long as it has existed.

He travels extensively, speaking on a variety of Scala topics at many Scala events worldwide, including talks on his open-source libraries and original reseach on subjects such as type inference and the differences between type members and type parameters.

Jon chairs the Scala Center Advisory Board.

September retreat

A unique experience of five days combining hiking, local gastronomy, and advanced Scala training in the English Lake District, for up to eight people.

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Training dates

The first dates for the Advanced Type Mechanics course will be 12-13 April 2018 in Kraków, Poland, colocated with the ScalaSphere conference.

Attendance at the two-day course will be available at the half-price introductory rate of €800+VAT (£710+VAT), and includes lunches and a group dinner on 12 April.

Additional training dates will be added at many more city locations soon. Please get in touch with any location requests.

The September Retreat is provisionally scheduled for 17-21 September 2018, however this date is subject to change without notice.

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Scala One training will be available at a number of public training events, however corporate sessions are also available on request, with an added opportunity to tailor courses to customers’ needs. Please enquire about pricing and availability.

We are also interested in selecting new locations to run training courses.

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